A little bit about me...


I was born in Modbury and spent my childhood in the idyllic surroundings of the South Devon coast, I was always outdoors fully absorbed in nature. In 1989 I studied at Plymouth College of Art & Design, successfully gaining a diploma in general art and design.

After finishing college I spent some time travelling around India and Nepal, being totally seduced by the colours and textures of these diverse cultures, has had a massive influence on my art to this day. After coming back from my travels I painted on a very personal level for many years, taking on commissions and painting backdrops for local clubs. However, in 1997, I got commissioned by a local interior designer to produce 40 paintings to hang in a hotel near Birmingham Airport, and a set of paintings for a leisure centre in Reading, which has lead me into the commercial art world.

In 1998, I went back into higher education at Plymouth University and achieved an 2:1 BSc Hons in Media Arts specialising in graphic design. I have had a successful career in graphic design since 2001, however, I always longed to paint where I feel total freedom. In 2010, I managed to gain a happy balance, my weeks are now split between working as a graphic designer for a local company and having precious days painting in my studio.

From a small child, I have always been a daydreamer; I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me. Light, colours, decay and texture fascinate me. My art is organic and experimental, using an interesting palette of colour’s and textures, I mix up various concoctions then manipulates the mediums to create the desired effect. I love the feeling when I paint, fully transcending into a meditative state.

My main influences stem from the chaos of psychedelia, the subtleties of Monet and the patterns and emotion of Klimt.